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9:08 a.m. - 2009-01-17
Not your average Saturday
Things have come to a head for me. Mom and I are locking horns constantly-well at least daily, but it seems like a constant thing.

I had the bright idea to volunteer at the assisted living center where I was dead set on working. From their calendar of events, I was sure they needed help, and that way, I could immerse myself in that atmosphere, see if that's what I really want. So, starting Monday, January 26, I'll be calling bingo. That's not exactly what I had in mind, but I'll probably find it fun.

I have two job interviews next week-one on Monday with a reputable staffing company. The interview is for a specific position at a specific company, and the phone interview was very targeted, so I think I have a pretty good chance at this one. The salary is same as I was making at my last job. The other interview is for a daycare director position at a before-and-after school program just like I did two jobs ago. Depending on the rate of pay, I'd probably rather do that job.

I've already been offered two jobs. One was temporary, so I turned it down. The other was for a preschool teacher, which I would've absolutely loved to do, but the salary was only little more than half what I was making before. That really hurt me.

I am going to see my diabetes teaching nurse Monday after the interview. Since I cancelled my last appointment with him, he probably thinks I'm doing poorly. He'll be pleasantly surprised. I've been working out hard and sticking to the diabetic eating guidelines. I'm sure I could go more hardcore with the diet, but I wouldn't be able to stick with it if I did.

I saw Tammy yesterday. We had breakfast at the diner and did some shopping at Wal Mart. We had a few good laughs. The girls from my last job and I have a tentative lunch date planned for Friday. I haven't seen them since just before Christmas, so that will be great, I'm sure.

My son and his wife are holding their own for the most part. They may come to dinner tonight. With the last twelve hours' worth of activity, I almost hope they decide not to come. My husband was on call, and he had to go in to fix someone's furnace between 10 and 11:00 last night then was paged in again at 4 am for another problem. He's going to be so tired. In fact, I'm going in with him to work today to help him with something I can do. Only one person works on Saturdays, so he'll be all alone, and with this excessively cold weather, problems abound. I also have to find time to get my nails done today and give blood.




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